Roman’s Erzählungen: Rockin‘ In The Free World

Subject: STOP THE WAR! … and let’s ‚Rockin‘ In The Free World‘

with ‚A‘, Neil Young, Pearl Jam & Lukas Nelson + Promise Of The Real

Dear Friends, Music- & Peace-Lovers!

During the past few weeks I often screamed loud that a “worldwide Revolution” is needed! Thousands and thousands peacefully documents I’ve sent around the World. Even a nearly perfect Manifesto from the international respected Austrian scientist Prof. Dr. Heinrich Wohlmeyer I attached to show necessary steps!

Some Governments showed great and serious interest! No question, most of the reached guarantors are ignorants! – But they will have to learn (if they won’t lie in a pool of blood one day) that they have to do what WE want that they should do as our small state-servants!

For sure, at first we have to STOP all the wars! We must begin in our families, in our own communities, in our countries! – Finally we can ROCKIN’ in a free World, and a bit longer than Neil Young announced funnily (“only 40 seconds”) in the last version of his fantastic song “Rockin’ In The Free World”!

It’s not just a simple music message. It’s a serious political message! – I had to do it today, after watching Neil Young in the ‘Live Concert at Empire Polo Grounds, Indio, CA, USA’ on 9th October 2016. This ‘old man’ will become 71 in a few days! I felt like a couch potato. – So you could feel, if you click in my page at ‚Videos‘ and scroll up to the date, or copy the following link into your browser:!AldJ3_6QWGmnhlcoiELB_c-5GoY_

Also visible at Dailymotion: and, amazingly, on YouTube:

Enjoy and warmest regards,

Yours Dr. Roman Schreiber

P.S.: I guess WE ALL have enough from stupid politicians with limited brains and no peaceful ambitions!STOP the influence of all Religions! Let the humans live their lives with own visions! STOP the war-manger Nation #1 = the USA! STOP Russia and the little tsar! STOP the aggressor NATO! We have enough, even from the cold-war! Rebuild the UN, the Worldbank and create a better World!

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