Roman’s Report: Cloture, December 30, 2017

I’m happy! Yes, I feel relieved! The ‘Cloture’ lies behind me … and before you… if you have the courage and concentration ability and of course the interest to identify yourselves in the big wall mirror, for the last time! – This is my final mailing from the ‘sour country‘, not only to the turn of the year, no, in general.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends!

I don’t want to sound angry, like an old embittered ‚Steppenwolf‘, I should better smash the curve of the irony. Karl Valentin, a (long time ago) German artist with a very special humor, would probably have begun as follows: „Dear unstupid people!“ – Your computer will certainly underline now ‚unstupid‘. The prefix ‚un‘ turns (not only) Karl Valentin‘s meaning from ’stupid‘ to ‚intelligent‘? – But, nevertheless, there the following question would be permitted to me to the gigantic crowd of the ignorant people among the receivers of my mails of information: „Do you keep yourselves for intelligent?” – If you simply ignore free advice to the achievement of mental and physical health? If you not even ask the smallest question, although you have no idea about your body’s functions? If you insult and offend the bearer of ‚healthy‘ messages!? If you besmear and accost a fighter for peace and freedom!? If you gaumed, hurt and injure a fighter for justice in the professional life and at all levels repeatedly!? – You really hold yourself for ‚unstupid‘ people? – I stroke the prefix ‚un‘ and remind everybody of the words of my sharp tongue: It is not bad to be silly, but it is worse not to change this situation! – And I may and must attack you in such direct way with right, because I have collected thousands of proofs of your ignorance and stupidity! My more than 750 smaller and thicker books, mostly reports to many of the videos, contain the most important correspond-dence with you. Therefore, a balance at the cloture can only go out negatively, for you. – It was not worth that I have exerted myself for you the last years, almost round-the-clock! – This is of course not valid for the people who brought personally several bright spots to me, during the last active years, via this medium. I received many wonderful contacts and will keep this furthermore, of course. – But as John Lennon said in the review on the end of the BEATLES: „We had reached everything, it had lost his magic!“ – I look back at 700 smaller and very long video-productions. Most of you do not have the slightest knowledge which expenditure and which trouble it needs to form this or similar contributions to make it visible! Only few of yours can formulate a sentence straight ahead without a single accident! But most of you spread out with the biggest flap constantly only garbage! – Not because of lack of recognition is the today’s video ‘Cloture‘ my final video-production, but the only truth is: I have enough from silly discussions with silly people!

„Why again so many interruptions with music?“ asked my wife. „Nobody looks at this long show!“ – „Yes, then they should leave it!“ I answered. Here is the timetable ‘of my Cloture‘, it is helpful for those who believe to have no time for such an extensive program:

00:00 – ‘The Time They Are A Changing’ (Bob Dylan) added with caricatures from Markus Szyszkowitz & Rachel Gold from Vienna/Austria

03:23 – Greetings, and crossover to the interview with John Lennon ‘War & Peace’

14:03 – John Lennon about War & Peace

19:27 – Some words to the theme: Revolution

28:45 – ‘Revolution’ (The BEATLES) and pictures of great, dead (not all!) revolutionist – (from a Dacia/ Renault-promo-film)

31:26 – Some more words to the theme: Revolution Crossover to ‘Instant Karma’

41:04 – ‘Instant Karma’ – John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band

44:40 – Crossover to the Peace-Wishkey from Austria

46:20 – added with ‘Give Peace A Chance’ from John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band

51:20 – Crossover to ‘Father & Son about War’ – from Karl Valentin  

53:35 – Father & 10-year young son talking about War

1:03:02 – Crossover to            

1:04:40 – ‘STOP The War!’ – Artist ‘A’

1:09:27 – Crossover to

1:19:34 – ‘Power To The People’ – John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band

1:22:45 – Crossover to

1:25:30 – ‘Sing The Changes’ – Paul McCartney

1:29:48 – Crossover to

1:33:07 – ‘Hello, Goodbye’ (The BEATLES)

1:36:30 – Crossover and Goodbye… the final video…

1:43:45 – ‘The End’ (The BEATLES)

Credits, thanks. End: 1:46:36

On my ‚Cloud 7‘ we are undisturbed. Alone the splendid music makes it worthwhile to come! Start from my Internet-page, then click on ‚videos‘, scroll up to the newest video, or copy the following Link into your browser:!AldJ3_6QWGmniBdX37-JgnXrNcUJ

I wish you and your loves for the New Year 2018 (and afterwards) everything conceivably good!

Yours Dr. Roman Schreiber

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