Roman’s Report – October 2016: Handout Manifesto … and a bit more

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Friends!

During the past weeks I guess I was as busy as ever with some fine video productions. In one German issue, on the 3rd October, amazingly the German Unity Day, I got with my guest, the well known and respected Austrian Prof. Dr. Heinrich Wohlmeyer, a wonderful ‘multiplicator’ of most of my thoughts. Ok, sadly our conversation is in German, but if you follow ‘Roman’s Report: Handout – Manifesto… and a bit more – October 10, 2016’, you will catch the clou, and you can hear again my offer to send to you Prof. Wohlmeyer’s original Manifesto. In ten different languages it’s available!

As I always said: People with open eyes, ears and hearts must come to the same considerations. About details there is not to fight, only to discuss. “A ‘soft Revolution’ is needed”, said the Professor! – And it was a very strange Skype discussion, because we were interrupted every 5 minutes by the technique, here in the ‘technolocy paradise’ North-Rhein-Westfalia… Only big words, from big balloons = our elected politicians.

But in all other countries it’s the same! Mostly we, the people have only to choose between pest and cholera. We have to change that! ‘Sack’ the half of them! Pay only the half of their actually salary! – Reduce all the pensions to an unconditional basic income! = Than all our systems will recover! – We need a ‘peacefully Revolution’!

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Yours, Dr. Roman Schreiber

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