The New Year-speech of the retired President

My copy editor is not always at all meaningful with his e-mail-reports, because he has definitely a huge amount of ‘slope opinions’, respectively connections to ‘slope’ internet-platforms, which I not accept as ‘good’, but sometimes he delivered really useful inputs. Also this time where again a report from the ‘Good Friday-grill-wake-up-service’ was inspiration to me to give my anyway planed New Year-speech a not foreseen different direction. – Sure, I cannot present in the same show the chief of the Carinthian Government, sending friendly words to his population, after this very sharp and cynical input, as I first had planned this special show. – No, this received contribution, which is in the original lyrics an adaption of the speech of Grant Collins, a literary character out of ‚The Iron Web‘, written by Larken Rose, I had to use and to rebuild into actuality.If I later will get the ‘alternative New Year-speech’, in the ideal case with Dr. Peter Kaiser, chief of the Carinthian Government, we will see… – But at first we have to enjoy my first complete video in English. I had to translate my German New Year-speech into English and at the end of my work I could get the help from an English ex-neighbor in Austria. She looked through my text and did some necessary corrections. Necessary for a native-English speaking person. Normally I would have said a bit arrogant: “My English is better than your German, but…” 🙂 But in this case, I agreed in most of her proposals (99% 🙂)…  

Yours Dr. Roman Schreiber


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