My Videos On Dailymotion

“My Videos On Dailymotion“ I named this book, this report, to have at first hand for all times a document that reminds me at the hard work I had to do to reach my target: Having all my videos complete on this wonderful platform! The subtitle “A Report: Nothing For Weak Nerves” explains everything! My worries to do a perfect ‘job’ for my thousands possible interested clientele… My fight that the videos are first visible on Dailymotion! But, and this is the typical German phrase ‘but’… but it was NOT on me. It was NOT on my technical equipment! It was NOT on my Internet-connection with the German Telekom! It was simply all in the hands of… Dailymotion!

But this is NOT a complaint! This is just a report about the long way until we all reached that final goal: A perfect presentation of all my videos on the platform of Dailymotion!

And so I have to thank at first Raphael Simon and the support-team, Reha, Anna, Laurent, Marina, Sébastien, Giovanni and all the other helpers, later in the report appearing. But the report is public so NO business-secret is printed here! Nothing is now readable what everyone could receive as simple information. If you wish it’s a confirmation about the great willingness to live a fair partnership – not only with me, with all partners. So this report is also to understand as a great compliment to the younger generation, trying to understand the need of others! Enjoy the result: The videos on Dailymotion!

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